Permissible business activities and zoning plan

Businesses need a number of permits before they are allowed to undertake business activities in the Province of Liège.

Permissible business activities on business parks

Certain business activities are not permitted on business parks. Prospective buyers are requested to find out from GG04 of the Walloon Public Service (Service Public de Wallonie) whether their business activities comply with the zoning plan:

  • when setting up business in a French-speaking municipality: Tel. +32 4 2245411
  • when setting up business in a German-speaking municipality: Tel. +32 87 598530

SPI expressly accepts no liability in the event that permit applications are refused by the competent authorities.

Integration of a building in a business park and urban planning regulations

The construction of a building on a plot of land purchased through SPI is subject to a number of regulations intended to ensure that it is properly integrated.

  • Dimensions of the building-free strip for buildings: 10 metres from the boundary with the building opposite (alongside the public road) and 6 metres from the boundary with adjacent buildings, except where special urban planning regulations or levies apply.
  • Use of building-free strips: These can be used for constructing car parks or access roads. They may also be subject to easements for organisations that provide public services. These strips may not under any circumstances be used for storage purposes.
  • Outdoor storage areas must not be visible from the public road or adjacent plots.
  • SPI may impose special conditions on the establishment of a business in order to monitor the aesthetic aspects of the project or to prevent or reduce nuisance. These conditions will have precedence over the general conditions of sale and will be established in each case on the basis of a specific study commissioned by SPI.

Specified parks or plots of land are governed by specific rules.

  • Specified parks are governed by specific urban planning regulations which must be strictly observed by buyers. For a list of these parks, go to
  • Specified plots of land, especially those along the boundary of the business park may be subject to special rules governing the distance between the park and neighbouring residential properties.

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