Competitive tax climate

The Netherlands is an attractive option for domestic and foreign investors

A nation with a long trading tradition, the Netherlands has created a very competitive tax climate to encourage entrepreneurship and foreign investment in the Netherlands.

Not only is the tax base for corporation tax rates lower than in most of its European neighbours, there are also numerous other tax aspects that make it attractive for international companies to set up shop in the Netherlands. For example, the Netherlands has:

  • one of the most extensive networks of tax treaties with other countries
  • an administratively flexible system of bonded warehouses
  • the option of entering into tax prepayment agreements for a predetermined period.

The last option provides international companies with security against their future tax liabilities. Combined with a relatively low statutory corporate income tax rate of 25% (20% on the first EUR 200,000) and favourable tax treatment for expats, they make the Netherlands an attractive option for foreign investors.


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