Buying, renting and leasing

Once you have decided to set up your business in Belgian Limburg, you have the choice of renting, leasing or buying land or buildings.

When you have found your ideal plot of land or building on The Locator, it is advisable to contact the estate agent, owner or POM Limburg. The estate agent or owner will provide you with information on:

  •  the conditions of rental and/or purchase
  • practical information on the building and the surrounding area

At this point, it is certainly advisable to visit the plot of land or building

Before you actually proceed to buy/rent/lease, it is essential to ascertain details of the regulations governing the business park and the individual commercial premises. After all, certain business activities may be encouraged, or banned, on business parks in the Province of Limburg.

  • To find out whether or not your business activity is permitted on the business park, you are recommended to contact POM Limburg.
  • With regard to conditions governing a specific plot of land, you would be best contacting your notary and/or estate agent.

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