Permitted Usage and Environmental Protection

Before starting your activity in the Region of Aachen permits need to be obtained.

Permitted usage

The permitted usage of the real estate is set out in the development plan. This is based on the legal requirements of the Building Code (BGB) and is developed plot-specific by the local municipalities. The development plan contains all the relevant information for the development and its later use, for example:

  • building boundaries,
  • height,
  • type of future use...

An overview of a development plan can be requested at the local municipality or viewed at various online platforms (GRAPA Städteregion, GRAPA Stadt Aachen and KISS).

Environmental protection

To protect mankind and the environment against pollution, a number of environmental regulations exist at the various levels of authority, which must be complied to. In particular, the production process conditions must reduce or prevent emissions such as exhaust, noise, or odor. Additionally, various production standards ensure that manufactured products adhere to certain quality standards and safety measurements. Further information about possible environmental requirements or limitations is available at the respective local municipality.


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