Utilities and waste

Businesses locating to an SPI business park have a number of utility providers at their disposal.

Connecting to providers’ networks

The cost of connecting to providers’ networks is borne by the purchaser of the plot of land, who should contact the relevant providers direct.

Gas pipes and high-voltage cables

  • Fluxys applies strict requirements if gas pipes run on or close to the plot. You must contact this company at least 15 days before work starts (Royal Decree of 21 September 1988): description of the complete procedure.
  • Strict requirements are applied by the operator of this infrastructure (ELIA, TECTEO, ORES, etc.) if high-voltage cables run on or close to the plot. You must contact the operator in the relevant area.

Advertising signs and billboards

The only permitted information is:

  • the company’s trading name,
  • the company’s name,
  • the products that the company manufactures or sells.

It is mandatory for reference to be made to any advertising signs and billboards in the application for the urban planning permit.

Sewage system and water treatment

You are advised to obtain information on the types of sewage system and the location of waste water and rain water drainage systems on the site concerned, either from the public works department of the municipality or from AIDE.

Waste materials and their impact

Every company is required to fill in an environmental impact form beforehand. SPI recommends filling in all the headings as objectively as possible and describing the measures that have been or will be taken to minimise the impact on the environment. For further information and advice, contact: Cellule des Conseillers en Environnement de l'UWE

  • Oil storage: A storage facility for waste materials must be constructed which is protected from the sun. It must have an impermeable soil protection layer to prevent land and soil pollution and must be provided with retaining walls (in the case of oil storage).

Fast Internet

Some business parks have fibre-optic cable.

In five SPI parks, the Walloon government agency SOFICO provides access – via various providers – to fibre-optic cable on very competitive terms. This technology offers almost unlimited capacity. The cables that have to be laid to provide access to the fibre-optic service are different from ordinary telephone cables.

In the case of new buildings, it is advisable to lay an additional duct from the pavement to inside the building. This makes it easier, faster and cheaper to lay fibre-optic cable when the time comes, because it will not be necessary to dig a trench or drill a hole in the wall of the property.

Further information on the SPI’s conditions of establishment and general conditions for the sale of plots of land


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