Mains connection and waste disposal

A number of different suppliers operate in the Netherlands.

Electricity and gas supplier

You can choose your own electricity and gas supplier.

ENEXIS is the regional network operator in Dutch Limburg and is responsible for the physical connection to the electricity and gas supply. The standard mains voltage for electricity is 220 Volts but higher voltages up to 110,000 Volts can be supplied for energy-intensive production on certain large industrial sites.

WML, the regional water supply company, is responsible for the water supply and pipe system. This is for the drinking water supply. Industrial water can also be supplied on certain large industrial sites.

As regards telecom connections, there are a large number of providers with which you can make your own arrangements.

Fibre optic and/or cable connections are available for heavy data traffic in many industrial and business parks.

There are providers in Dutch Limburg who offer large-scale server hosting and data hotel facilities.

Waste disposal

Certain environmental requirements must be observed when disposing of different types of waste.

Examples include strict guidelines for:

  • separating waste
  • removing hazardous or contaminated substances
  • recycling

Detailed information on waste management and disposal can be obtained from the local authorities. Separation is also mandatory for the disposal of standard waste. This standard waste (organic and residual waste) is collected from every address in every municipality in Dutch Limburg. Private waste processing companies are available in Limburg for large quantities and specific streams of waste (e.g. chemical, compost or metals). They work in accordance with the relevant legislation and can provide you with the necessary information.


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