Euregio Meuse-Rhine: a high-technology region in the force field of Europe to settle your company

The triangle formed by Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands is in the economic heart of Euro­pe. From your location in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine you are able to reach 100 million people within only four hours. This means one quarter of the EU purchasing power!

The smartest corporate location in Western Europe

The Euregio Meuse-Rhine is embedded between the Flemish Diamond (Belgium) in the West, the Rhein-Ruhr conurbation (Germany) in the East and the Randstad Holland (The Netherlands) in the Northwest. Within this main delta, the global gateways to or from the European mainland are located. Including international activities, 45% of the European logistic market is located in this area.

The germ cell of Europe to settle your business

The Euregio Meuse-Rhine offers a variety of opportunities for your company:

  • right at the gates of the European capital Brussels, in Hasselt or in Liege,
  • or in Aachen in Germany, the city of Charlemagne, in which the European idea is based since the Middle Ages,
  • or in Maastricht in The Netherlands, where the Treaty on European Union.

Experience the Triangle: Combining three languages as well as five cultures and a diverse landscape, the region serves as THE European launch pad for your business.

Euregio Meuse-Rhine: the ‘Technological Top Region’

Aachen, Hasselt, Liege and Maastricht offer a lot more. During the last years, the region has made a national and international name for itself as the “Technological Top Region”. Euregio Meuse-Rhine ranks top among European regions in various key business sectors:

  • High-Tech-systems (Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, ICT, Energy),
  • Life Sciences and Advanced Materials/Chemistry
  • Agrofood
  • Logistics

A central position with excellent connections

The central position of the location is mirrored by its excellent infrastructure and transport connections:

  • five Euro Roads (E 40, E 42 and E 314 in east-western, E 25 and E 313 in north-southern direction)
  • the European high-speed rail network (with stops in Aachen and Liege)
  • the Euregional airports of Liege and Maastricht or international airports such as Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Amsterdam and Brussels

It is a short distance to Europe.

Attractive commercial and industrial real estate

Valuable industrial land and commercial land is available in the areas of Aachen, Hasselt and Liege, and Maastricht. A large offer in commercial and industrial real estate includes office buildings, retail property, production halls, warehousing facilities, scientific research infrastructure… You can find commercial property and industrial plots and facilities for sale or for rent either in and around cities or in numerous business parks.


Overview of the region’s key information (2010):

Population: 4.0 miilion
Surface: 11,164 km2
Gross domestic product (GDP): € 105.7 billion
Companies: > 250,000
Workforce: 1.86 million
Universities: 6
University students: > 90,000

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