Purchase, Rent, and Lease your company premises

If you have already decided to locate in the Region of Aachen, you need premises or real estate to operate your business. These can be rented, leased, or purchased.

Rental and lease

In contrast to the classical rent, a lease interest is paid with the lease option. The payment amount depends on the generated revenue of the company.


If you are considering purchasing premises or real estate you should be aware that German law prohibits leaseholds. Thus, a building can only be purchased together with its related property. This also applies to any planned new construction at the desired location. The AGIT consultants and the municipalities are available to answer in detail any questions you may have regarding real estate.

Prior to the conclusion of a purchase agreement, a review of the land register entry is strongly recommended. Land registry entries advise about possible contaminated sites and provide information about any claims of ownership or previous owners. For several years now in North Rhine Westphalia, the land registry entries can be viewed online making the time-consuming task of going to the land registry office unnecessary (Internet-Grundbucheinsicht).

Once the purchase contract has been finalized, realtor costs apply. For their services, a realtor often receives a commission in the amount of up to several months’ rent or a specific percentage of the purchase price. Often these costs are borne by the buyer or user and in some cases the vendor.

Available real estate

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